Shipping: Stuck in US Customs - no progress since 7Oct2016

I got a tracking number for my router. (Oh Joy!) The PostNL site shows that it was shipped on 5Oct2016, and was processed in the US on 7Oct2016 (see image below). So far, so good.

But there has (apparently) been no further progress in the 12 days since then. Should I worry? Thanks.

First you should contact in shipping company in your location to get more details about it.

Yes, but… You see the entirety of the information I have. There’s no indication of the shipping company on the web page. Thanks!

Try your tracking number on or even on USPS.
I couldnt tell you more, sorry.

Ahah! Yes, acknowledges that they touched/processed it on 7 Oct 2016 at 3:55pm. That jives with the latest entry posted above. But no further info, so I guess I’ll just to sit by my mailbox :slight_smile: Thanks!

That’s seems like really weird issue, because you’re waiting for package like from China maybe even worse.
They should give you more details. Maybe you can try ping support from CZ.NIC if they have more details or if they can do something for you.

You paid for that shipping with registered tracking number and now you’re waiting almost 2 weeks to get your package or get more details about yours package

My Turris is stuck in USPS too. Their last update was:

October 7, 2016 3:53 pm
Processed Through Facility - ISC CHICAGO IL (USPS)

Tomorrow it will be 2 weeks since that last update by them.

Isn’t it blocked at customs ? I would try to ask your mail company for that package based on the number (USPS?) Maybe they are waiting for some document (invoice?) to calculate the customs tax.

I called the USPS support number (800-222-1811) and they confirm that it’s stuck in Customs.

There’s no need for anyone else to call that number - they don’t have any more info beyond what is on the tracking site.

I submitted a support request to Omnia for more information, and will post any response here.


I received mine in CA a week ago. Post NL / USPS delivered without any interaction on my part. It will probably arrive in a few days.

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What date did your package arrive in the US? (Can you look up your tracking number in the site?) Thanks.

My package arrived in the US on October 14th and was delivered on October 17th. No manual intervention necessary.

Worked without intervention for me. Got delivered on Oct 14th.

Update: My package made it through customs but 36 hours later, there’s no sign of it moving through Here’s a screenshot from their site:

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in the price for the routers purchased on Indiegogo only the customs brokerage is paid, not the customs alone, which means that you’ll probably need to pay the customs to get your parcel. This holds for all countries outside the EU.

However, the customs office should let you know if they want to receive any payment from you and how and when it should be paid. I would recommend to contact them and ask what is wrong with delivery of your parcel, if you have confirmed that your parcel is stuck there. As there are people which have no problem with delivery, there is probably a different reason for the parcels being stuck there.

We would appreciate any further information about these problems with customs or the delivery company in USA.
I am afraid that we aren’t able to do much more about this right now. We could contact our shipping partner, who would contact, which would contact USPS, but it wouldn’t probably give them more information than it would give to you. Anyway, if you want us to try it, leave us a message at

USPS had an update today. It took 3 weeks to “Arrive at USPS Facility” I’m hoping it’ll make progress now. Original email with the tracking number was Sep 29, almost one month ago. This delivery is going very slowly.

Hello @AnetaStastna

Thanks for this response. Regrettably, the mystery of my router increases. Since it was originally shipped on 6 Oct 2016, it has gone from:

Amsterdam → Chicago → Nashville → Miami → Newark → Amsterdam (!)

Here is the current tracking information on the page. Do you have any advice? Many thanks.

@dpdrown - Have you received your router? Do you have any update on its arrival time? Yours hit Chicago about two minutes after mine, and I have yet to receive it. (Even worse, mine appears to have gone back to Amsterdam…)

Yup, I received mine yesterday. Yours going back to Amsterdam makes me think it hit some kind of delivery problem (like invalid address?). There was a note on the shipping label to return it to Amsterdam if there were any problems.