Shield just doesn’t work

I bought the shield to tunnel my vpn traffic, when it first arrived after 2 days trying to set it up (missing options in the gui) compared to the docs (which are mostly for other products) I stumbled across the doc page for OTA flashing, as switching branches in the gui also didn’t work (some circular dependency issue), I was then presented with a different gui with more of the right looking menus. So I then uploaded my profile from the vpn provider but there is no way to add a password for the profile in the gui and from reading use of ssh isn’t recommending so how should this be configured? When I did get it to connect I still could not stream from uk content providers and the box itself requires a manual reboot every 24 hours as it crashes, this and the fact that I can only connect to it via a device with a lan port unless I vpn to the shield that crashes once a day makes it absolutely useless for the stated purpose.

Is this a question or a message?

As a question, it is not understandable … too general and without precise concrete data

It’s an observation, but if you are requiring questions for it to be relevant

“Why doesn’t the shield work out of the box?”
“Why doesn’t it work as advertised?”
“Why can you not add a password for a vpn server via the gui?”
“Why does it crash so often?”
“Why no dedicated documentation?”

VPN provider? Shield is supposed to be the VPN provider, allowing you to connect to your home network from the internet.
who and where did advertise something else?

I believe your problems stem from a misunderstanding of the functionality of the Turris Shield device. The Shield is intended only as an add-on to your existing router. Therefore, its GUI is simplified. The Shield, as far as I know, is only meant to add adaptive firewall functionality to your existing configuration in case you want to keep your own router and not replace it with a Turris Omnia router.
I believe you should set all VPN settings on your old primary router.

other questions are difficult to answer without describing exactly the version of the system, the manual adjustments made and the settings.

If this is the case what is the purpose of the vpn client?

from the doc it seems possible

If the default gateway route is pushed then all traffic between the LAN and other networks is routed through the OpenVPN connection.

the docs:

I have highlighted the important info.
of course, you can ask on this forum for help and it’s possible that someone will try to help you, but this does work as advertised.

You seem to be trying to use Shield for purposes it is not designed for.

It is purely a hardware firewall as described on the product description page.

There are no advanced settings or customizations for this device, for that you need Turris Omnia or Mox.

Shield overview

Shield Docs /screenshots

The OpenWRT docs you refer to are for Omnia and Mox devices

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Please read my previous answer carefully. The documentation you are referring to. The documentation you are referring - is for Turris Omnia not for Turris Shield !!!

To my eyes that part of docs seems shared, i.e. looks like applying to Shield as well. OpenVPN server and client is explicitly mentioned as supported in About - Turris Documentation

Hmm… it is possible that someone will misunderstand this, especially if they are not familiar with the properties of the purchased goods, which are clearly specified in their description.

The entirety of the documentation is a confusing mess

And also the video at the following link around 22min 30seconds,vid:Szg3hdZweyQ,st:0

Your link goes to a Google search result page with multiple videos.
The only one I see with a run time over 20 minutes refers to Turris Omnia, not Shield.

Probably this problem stems from the situation that providers of remote internet proxy services have decided that it’s a good idea to market their services as “vpn”.

I recommend opening new thread “how do I set up VPN to …” perhaps people will be more likely to help, advise and cooperate.

Its purpose is, that you can connect to other vpn servers; either another turris device or external vpn providers.

Exactly, and the reason is to tunnel the traffic via the vpn client, but it doesn’t behave that way, also adding a username and password for the vpn client isn’t possible from the gui

It has to work if OpenVpn client and server versions compatible regardless of os-hardware, basically client-server implementation is a contract implementation.

Why does miss in the gui no idea, I don’t have any experience with the Shield, someone with experience may help.

Btw at least you can try to configure from cmd line.

I have just noticed the possibility to upload openvpn client settings in menu OpenVPN / Client settings on my Omnia.
Not Shield but the SW should be the same. Do you see it there?