Shield is blocking encrypted DNS traffic

Hello, my network consists of ISP modem (in bridge mode) > Turris Shield > TP-Link AX73 router (in bridge mode), hence Shield should be the only device responsible for DNS.

When connected the Wifi on my cellphone, iOS shows this warning:

Is this something to be taken care of and fixed or is it normal behavior for Shield and I can ignore it? I don’t see the warning on my macOS when connected to the same Wifi.

Many thanks and sorry if it’s a stupid question (I’m not a geek).


To me that seems very unlikely to be related to Shield’s DNS, but I’m afraid I don’t know exactly what iOS does here. Though I’d assume some kind of DoH over port 443.


Many thanks for your input. I found I should simply forget the network and connect back again, which actually helped. So probably some glitch in iOS rather than a Shield issue.

Have a nice day!

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By coincidence I noticed some post about iOS from which I suspect that this warning might not be so much about Shield itself. Also for our reasons (yet another NAT layer), I’d probably try switching the TP-Link to “Access Point” mode instead and let just Shield do routing. As an experiment; I might be wrong on multiple levels.

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