SFP+ with 10 GB


I bought two sfp+ 10GBe modules from elfcam es31x-3lcd10.

I want to use my Turris Omnia to connect a Turris MOX with two 10 GB Fiberlinks on there SFP ports.
As understood there is a great chance that the link will be established minimum 1 GB, by the way maybe are more speed is supported? As understood only 2.5 GB could be possible because of limitations of the internal bus?

Maybe I want to link the omnia or MOX via two sfp+ Fiber modules to a Zyxel XGS1010-12 unmanaged Switch which is linked to another zyxel with the second sfp+ socket. Will be nice if the link speed from omnia or MOX to the Zyxel will be more than 1 gb.

It has to be exactly 2,5 GB, normal 10 GBE will fallback to 1 GBE.
I asked questions in the past which modules are tested to work and was also told by Turris support software support and also documentation about this should come with TOS 5.2.0 (which was released almost a year ago) and @Pepe it would come later. It was not added yet.
Normally they keep their promises yet you have to be very patient :wink:

Maybe I’m conpletely wrong here but If I understan it correct there is limited driver support for sfp+ tranceivers in current tos5 kernel, so even if they should be able to switch to sfp ”mode” you probably would not get them functional.

My own experience putting a 10G sfp+ tranceiver in my mox with tos5 did not work, can not remember the exact error but I did not got it working.
Maybe tos6 with newer kernel will make a differens?

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For compatibility of SFP-modules just ask Turris support, for higher speeds be patient as that is quite tricky (even USB 3.0-adapters for 2,5/5 GBE don’t work at the moment (even with TOSv.6) due to lacking driver compatibility/unstable drivers)


Hopefully, this module might help you:

List of supported SFP modules from our community can be found here:



Will this mean other sfp+ modules may work with tos 5.2+ , or is the turris rj45 module special made somehow?

Anyway, I will probably try again with a 10G optical tranceiver in a couple of days just to make sure.
Would love to get rid of a switch

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