SFP vs WAN ethernet


Maybe a stupid question, but in case operator is able to provide me connection via SFP or WAN ethernet, is there any benefit (for me) choosing SFP?


Above all galvanic isolation. Better chance to survive some sommer storms. “Due to the highly sensitive nature of electronics, a surge from a power line malfunction or a far-away lightning strike to a power line could be enough to cause permanent damage to electronic appliances, which is why using a surge protection device is recommended.”


with sfp, its very much a non-standard setup (maybe run out of the box).
does your isp offer to buy/lease the tranciever?
also sfp will use much more power (device gets warmer).

if you are plagued by lightening strikes … maybe


Normaly they proved you ethernet cable, but as they have optic there is media convertor, so my idea was to use directly that.

But it looks that except those lights :slight_smile: there are not too much benefits, so its probably better to use standard ethernet.

Thanks both for your replies!


I would use SFP.
In terms of warming up/power consumption, it doesn’t make much difference if the SFP uses more power in converter or in TO directly, no?
And you have less clutter without converter…