SFP Module Specification



I want to order a SFP Module for my Turris Omnia. Are there any restrictions regarding the choice of SFP Modules? SFP Compatibility?





there is a standard SFP+ cage according to SFF-8432 in Turris Omnia. It is connected to 1000BASE-X interface of mvneta-compatible MAC layer in the SoC. The driver we have so far is capable of running with ordinary 1000BASE-LX and -SX modules and we also managed to connect Mikrotik/Marvell PON SFP but it is in experimental state.


So as so far ,the router can not be used as a ONU.right ? I think the SFP cage can not play a role with 1000BASE-LX and -SX modules until the PON function is ready, I can not find the SFP module 's interconnect application scenarios in local network.


The router can perform the role of ONU if you manage to find a SFP module that does translation from PON/GPON to the 1000BaseX / SGMII and if you manage to configure the SFP port accordingly. We have added a 1000BaseX / SGMII switch to mvneta driver (Ethernet MAC in Omnia’s SoC) in Omnia default kernel. We have also created an userspace daemon for switching the metalic PHY and SFP and it sets 1000BaseX / SGMII mode as well. However, this daemon might require some tweaking for a new module.

We have found one ONU SFP module so far and it works in Omnia SFP cage with the default kernel: MikroTik/FOXCONN S-GPON-ONU module (tested). We have more samples of GPON ONU modules, pending tests.


Is it possible to plug a 1000Base-T SFP-module into the Turris Omnia to have 7 1000Base-T-ports or is the SFP shared with the WAN-port?


It is shared with the WAN-port.