SFP module instalation - ADEX AD1250-5320NCR, SM, 20km, LC - part B

Turris is up and running, but I would like to retire microtic router board 260gs connecting my home into local ISP fiber network.
Microtic is connected to ISP fiber via this SFP module: ADEX SFP modul AD1250-5320NCR, SM, 20km, LC - part B
Is thee any chance to configure this SFP module directly in Turris SFP port?
If this is possible - please what is the config procedure?
Thanks for any help.

long story short it works now with my isp and above mentioned sfp.

no idea what update was pushed to my device, but after week of running turris throuh regular copper wan port I did try to connect different generic 1gbit 1310nm single mode sfp. (just to test its working inside turris, as this sfp isnt compatible with my isp network)
This sfp got recognized by turris, so I tried ISP supplied one once again and this time status led got up, and turris is connected correctly.
So thanks if new fw update did the trick, as I have no other explanation.