SFP Modul not supported. Want to replace FRITZ!Box 5530 Fiber

Hello community,

i want to replace my FRITZ!Box 5530 Fiber with my turris omnia.

I plugged the SFP module from the FRITZ!Box 5530 Fiber into my turris omnia router. Unfortunately, the module is not supported.

root@turris:~# ethtool -m eth2
Cannot get module EEPROM information: Not supported

Do you have any tips on how I could get the module to work?

Alternatively, it would of course be possible to buy an SFP module, which is supported.
My provider has informed me of the following requirements:
BIDI SFP module
TX 1310nm
RX 1490nm
Max 1000Mbps

Does anyone have a tip on which SFP module to try?

Im most cases its not possible to use an SFP module from one device in another device.

… “generic” SFPs by adding a check in the device’s firmware that will enable only the vendor’s own modules.[56] Third-party SFP manufacturers have introduced SFPs with EEPROMs which may be programmed to match any vendor ID.[57]

One can get customized SFP modules from

They also sell equipment to re-program SFP modules yourself.

In my case, my ISP does the programming. You tell them what brand and type of router you have, and they send you the required SFP module.


Thank you for the quick reply and explanation. I will write to my ISP and ask if they can help me.

As specifications seem to be the same - is your ISP Deutsche Glasfaser?
If yes - have a look here: FTTH - Rockstable Wiki
There are specific links for modules working with TO.

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Thank you very much for this interesting wiki link. My isp is my local public utilities Stadtwerke Ludwigsburg.
But if the specification is pretty much the same, I will try the module from fs.com. At flexoptic I can not order as a private person unfortunately.
With this I have new hope to be able to use the TO here.

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Do you already know this wiki page?

Please keep us updated regarding your success. I am planning to do the same as soon as I get internet over fiber.

Unfortunately the Turris wiki you mentioned does not directly show the above named

basic & relevant data at a glance. And I (personally) doubt, that they are up to date for those not mentioning TOS v. 6.x explicitly, but I could be wrong.

My first fs order was a wrong typ. Now i try the generic one https://www.fs.com/de/products/75335.html?attribute=1464&id=561932
I will keep you updated

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The new module has arrived. It seems to be detected correctly by the TO.

An Internet connection with my ISP I did not get. My ISP says that I have to set PPPoE with VLAN 7. Does anyone know where to set VLAN 7 in the TO?

Thank you for the hint to the vlan docs. Unfortunately, the description is unclear, as that I could follow with my non-existent network knowledge.

Set wan interface to eth2.7 and configure protocol to PPPoE

Thank you all for the help and tips. An extra big thank you for @ssdnvv

My TO is now connected over fiber with the sfp modul from fs.

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