Hi guys, I’m wondering if anyone can help me.

I’m triying to configure a SFP GPON ONT in my turris but in order to associate with the OLT I need to set up some parameters (which I already have:IDont,PLOAM…).

I’ve been in contact with some people that has already manage to use the same SFP module as I’m using and they say I need to access a webUI in the SFP module. I’ve been trying to access that webUI without success.

Does anybody know how to access that webUI? I’m completely lost :S

Btw, I’m using a ZISA OP151S.


Maybe the SFP insert has its IP, eg
So you would have to set ip turris omnia on eg and try to browse through the browser on for SFP insert.

Hi DarioX7,

I will try to make more tests.

According to the supplier it has a webUI and a telnet service in

I read some people managed to get access to that webUI using a mikrotik routerOS making a bridge between interfaces; I tried to make a bridge between eth1 and eth0 but still no luck.

I don’t even know if it should have routes for or how to config turris for accesing the SFP module.

Does anybody have any ideas?