Several questions about Omnia - mostly about LTE modules and Omnia UI in comparison to MOFI 4500

I’ve been looking for a decent OpenWRT-based LTE router and saw an Amazon ad for Turris Omnia. It looks very promising though it doesn’t include an LTE module. I figured I have to obtain my own - and make sure it’s actually supported in Omnia (availability of kernel modules, firmware etc).

  1. What is the best 4G LTE module currently available that’s supported in Omnia and widely available for purchase?

  2. I currently use MOFI 4500 and it has Sierra MC7455. Is it supported in Omnia? Do I need any extra hardware to mount it? Its pins look different to what’s in Omnia, it doesn’t appear to be mini-PCIE.

  3. Does Omnia come with a friendly UI for configuring failover / dynamic routing? In MOFI 4500, the UI is okay, and it uses mwan3 to change routing dynamically. module is the Sierra LTE interface, and apcli0 is a Wi-Fi connection to my Wi-Fi hotspot which doesn’t have a way to be USB-tethered. Screenshot:

  4. In general, is Omnia a good replacement for MOFI 4500? MOFI looks to be EOL plus it’s causing me trouble. It randomly slows down or refuses to assign DHCP to new clients, and only a restart helps. It’s very annoying. Please note I don’t really care about Omnia’s NAS features - I’m only interested in its networking and routing features.

  5. Is there a UI that can help me route certain traffic via VPN? AT&T throttles data transfer to YouTube servers, plus my video in Google Meet/Hangouts is potato. When I connect to VPN, the problem goes away. But I don’t want to route everything through the VPN.

  6. More of an OpenWRT question than Omnia question but here it is: is there an QoS/SQM algorithm that is LTE-friendly? What I mean by that is my speed varies, it can be 25mbit now, and 10mbit 10 seconds later. Setting my download speed to a certain value doesn’t make sense. If I set it to 25mbit and my network is capable of doing 50mbit at this moment, I’ll artificially limit myself to 25mbit. And when the available bandwidth goes down to 10mbit, QoS simply doesn’t work because it thinks it has enough bandwidth to make everyone happy (which it does not).

Thanks in advance for your answers.