Several minor items for sale [Germany]


I am sure there are several guys out there needing spare parts and as I do not need these elements any more, I’d be happy to sell them:

  • 2x RP-SMA to MMCX-cables 15cm. Needed, if one wants to replace the built-in card with or add an additional wifi-card with MMCX-connectors (e.g. the R11e-2HPnD or the R11e-5HacT). Price: 2€ each or 3,5€ both together
  • WLE900VX 7AA. Original TO wifi-card 3x3 (UFL/IPX) a/b/g/n/ac. Price: 25€
  • WLE200NE. Original TO wifi-card 2x2 (UFL/IPX) b/g/n. Price: 5€

Shipping costs within Germany 0,9€-1,9€ (depending on weight of goods+packaging). I you think prices are to high please do not hesitate to contact me anyways.