Setup USB Printer to share in LAN

Hello Guys,

anyone out there who managed to share a printer over turris?
I found the option to add Printer support on the fotis Webinterface, but no was to configure which Printer I use.

So I took a look at this HOWTO

I managed to get the printer listet in the USB list of the router.

But If I try to print from OSX nothing happens.

I’m very new to openWRT-Based routers.
So I you could give me a hint where to get more Info about Setting up a Brother HL-1250 to work with the turris it would be great.

Thanks to all

Looking on the brother page at the specification it is written that it supports network.

Solution	NC-2010P(Optional)
Interface	10BaseT
Protocol	TCP/IP, Appletalk, Netware, DEC LAT, Banyan VINES, NetBEUI, DLC/LLC

Or is your printer one of those who does not offer this option?

If that is the case, have you thought about a “print server”?

Or maybe there are other users who have managed to set up a usb-printer on the Omnia.

I have running a P910ND server myself and you don’t have to configure much, all the work can be done through the luci webinterface. This is a dumb question but did you started server in software -> startup?

Sometimes Life can be so simple if one knows the correct way.

Perhaps there are more beginners to this topic out there, so I’ll try to describe how my Printer-Setup was done:

  1. Step install p910nd Printer-Server

Login to Luci
Navigate to System>Software
Klick on Available Packages an search for p910nd -> klick install

  1. Step Enable p910nd
    Navigate to System>Startup
    locate p910nd and klick enabled

  2. Step Configure p910nd
    You should now find an entry p910nd - Printer server within Service
    Klick “enable” and Select the Interface Lan
    save and Apply

  3. Step Client Configuration
    I use MacOS
    Open Prefrences>printers&Scanners
    Klick the + Symbol
    Chose IP
    Enter the ip or dns-Name of your router
    Chose Protocol HP-Jetdirect-Socket
    Chose the correct Printdriver

Now everything should work fine.

Thanks to @Codetux and @Big_boss

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I followed the same steps for my Brother DCP 7010L, an older laser printer without network interfaces. Initially, I could not get it to work, although I could see that the p910nd print server was listening and receiving requests on port 9100:

root@turris:~# netstat -an | grep 9100
tcp 6 0* LISTEN
tcp 0 0 SYN_RECV
tcp 1 0 CLOSE_WAIT
tcp 1 0 CLOSE_WAIT

In my case, the solution was to uncheck “Bidirectional mode” on the LuCI p901nd configuration page. Since then, all is well. :grinning:

Has anyone had luck with setting up a Brother DCP 130C? I have tried both options, CUPS and p910nd. By looking at the specs page I am guessing it won’t work as a network printer.