Setup problem; Router doesn't seem to be routing

Hello everyone,
I have a Turris Omnia 2 connected to a FritzBox7490. The TO is set as exposed host in FritzBox. With the pre-installed settings, my desktop PC cannot connect to the internet. I am guessing, it is a firewall issue but otherwise I am at a loss. As I’m new to self-hosting, I have no idea what logs, screenshots, etc. to post. If anyone is willing/able to help I will provide necessary information.
Thank you in advance.

If you have FritzBox and TOS is connected to it without any changes you have just cascade of two routers. Having TOS as “exposed host” should work, but you have to take care of the routing/forwarding.

So as first it will be nice to see how you have your network designed/configured. And what you want to achieve.

If you are using just the “internet” on that FritzBox, you can set that device to be in “bridge” mode and use TOS as used to( as regular router ). If you are using other services (phone, iptv, voip…)

Thank you for your reply and your suggestions. I haven’t even considered to check the “Fritz side” of my setup. As it turns out, FritzBox7490 doesn’t support being used as a modem. I am now awaiting delivery of a VDSL2SFP module (as suggested here)

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