Setup fails at Software Update


My router just arrived, but I am stuck in setting it up.

My device: WiFi router Turris Omnia 1 GB Wi-Fi (VF990a)

What I do:

0 - MacBook with USB ethernet to reach
1 - Setup wizard goes trough until step 7 (Software update)
2 - While software update (step 7) I have the USB-Ethernet autmatically configured by Turris with
3 - While software update I can reach the internet (websites in another tab). So all fine regarding internet connection from modem.
4 - After a while Software update is stuck at a random package (after downloading many packages successfully)
5 - After this the router does not work anymore. The USB-network is still on but the router does not answer. nor with ping nor does the internet connection work anymore.
6 - I need to reset the router to be able to get to the wizards again. It continues at step 8/10.

However, I can’t connect with WIFI nor do I have internet via Ethernet connected to the router.

I did a factory reset 5 times and the behaviour is the same (5 out of 5 attemps).

Any ideas?

Yes, do a full four led reset using the latest medkit.
The procedure and the link is described in:

Please check the link provided within the Re-Flash Router instructions. Currently,

returns Not Found.

This seems to be once again problem with DNSSEC. From Turris OS 3.8 it checks DNSSEC out of the box even for forwarding which increases security. But because some ISP’s DNS are not passing required information (might not even verify DNSSEC) it views them as invalid. Current solution is to skip wizard before update failure and disable forwarding or DNSSEC (not both!) in DNS tab in Foris.

Also sorry for not updating documentation. There is now no *-full medkit as there is just only once medkit. So valid address is now just without that -full. Documentation is updated.