Setup and use DLNA server?

Hi there,
I don’t know where to start. Well i have activated DLNA package in my turris rooter.
What should I read first? I did some google but it is too wide subject.
Then I guess I have to plug a usb drive to the router.
Should I format before?
What format?
How to manage the server from pc browser?

My ultimate goal would be to stream content to firetv maybe through vlc or whatever works with subtitles.

format it to some linux filesystem ext3,ext4 or btrfs

there is only small overview frontend, there is no managing option. You can configure it via Luci. But managing (upload/download/remove) the media data, that you have to do (ssh, sftp, samba).

you can instal ubuntu as lxc container and put some more fancy media server (Kodi, Plex …) where you have more options how to manage/access the server.

you can share media files over samba and have media server anywhere you want (my actual situation, where i have several sources in my local network combined in one plex library) I can use SmartTV, Playstation, RPI2/RPI3 as clients…

any DLNA compatible client should be able to work with miniDLNA.
ad_VLC: is perfect client, but keep in mind that dlna implementation in vlc is pretty greedy (it is always trying to go thru all the files …so when you have lot of files (and big ones over 4G) vlc became slow and maybe unusable.

Foris / Storage / Format and set up e.g. btrfs.
You can install luci-app-minidlna and use luci to manage it then.

Thanks. I will run some experiments now.

I have tried, format a card to ext4. Put some videos there, then plug to the modem.
What protocol should I use If I want to manage files directly from linux? Is there a official tree ordering to put there?
I have installed kodi on firetv stick. Activated upnp on it. It showed the rooter.
No files shown.
Then I have renamed the minidlna server name, reboot.
No more wifi so I can’t test anymore.
I feel super blind on these progresses…

Maybe it helps someone else, that the files are not displayed, is most likely due to incorrect permissions of the DB folder, from miniDLNA.