Setting up Bitdefender Box 2 with Turris Omnia

Hi :
Does any one have experience setting up the Bitdefender Box 2 with the Turris Omnia . Bitddefender suggested that i put the Omnia in bridge mode which i am not very thrilled to do.


Hi, IMHO you don’t need both. I think most of the security capabilities of Bitdefender could be set up on Omnia. But it won’t be very “user friendly” configuration and advanced knowledge is required. Or use Bitdefender and sell Omnia as you won’t need it anymore.

EDIT: I saw also AP mode recommendation in Bitdefender manual but that’s nearly the same as bridge - you disable most of services on Omnia and degrade it to “normal” AP and LAN switch with strong CPU and big RAM, Flash with LXC support and use Bitdefender as router. I don’t think there are other possibilities to use both of them concurrently as Bitdefender is consumer oriented with easy GUI/setup and in that case most of advanced configurations are hidden or not present at all.

Thank you Mike.
One of the main reason i ordered the Box 2 is the parental control features ,As far as i know , these feature are not available (yet) in the Omnia , one of the things i like is the mobile application that can be used to manage the box even if you are remote , Omnia does have a beta Mobile app but i could not get it to work outside the network.
Here is link for features and comparison , Bitdefender is adding features with each update
I am curious about what features/Security capabilities can be setup

For parental control there is but I don’t use it yet so can’t tell you if it’s good.
About remote control - I would recommend some responsive layout for LuCi (as the default “bootstrap” doesn’t work well on small screens - look for “material” or similar) and VPN that is from my point of view most secure remote solution with access to all you want.
But it need time to set it up so if you have better options to spare it (with your family, etc) Bitdefender is probably better option.

Thank , I took a look at Pakon , it has the basic parental control features but it needs work and it is not as polished (GUI is work in progress) , I do use VPN.
I will wait till the Box 2 arrives first , but from what i read so far you are probably right , i will need to invest significant amount of time to get the same functionality out of the Omnia