Setting Guest network destroys connection to VPN server on TO 3.8.1

Just now I tried to setup an Wifi guest network od 2.4Ghz using Forris wizard remotely connected by TO VPN. After Guest network configuration save, I have lost my remote access to TO. I can open VPN connection, but that’s all - no ping, no telnet, no forris…

Really, I’m very very upset by TO SW quality. TO isn’t a tool, now it’s a very expensive toy.

I am sorry but experience similar behaviour on Turris 1.0 OpenVPN stopped working after 3.8.1, tried uninstall and reinstall OpenVPN from LuCi with no luck. It was working berofe and I did not touched the OpenVPN configuration since so I wonder what is the problém.

In my case there is probably a routing problem from VPN tunnel because other devices behind TO are accessible from public WEB (not using VPN).

I can’t even connect from Android app via LTE network VPN connection is not established.

Ditto. After 3.8.0 or 3.8.1 (and no changes to OpenVPN configuration made). VPN connection can be established but the internal network cannot be reached (i.e. not even the router).

Luckily, I could access Forris from my local home network and restart the router. Now VPN access works correctly. So it seems to me that the guest activation mustn’t be done remotely through VPN. This should be written in the tooltip help in the guest network activation checkbox…

Likely a different issue then. I did set up a guest network from my home network, because my OpenVPN was already not working.

I’ll try re-creating it from scratch using Forris.

May be the difference is that I activated VPN Server on TO version 3.8.1 - before I used VPN of my Synology.

OK, a reboot resolved the problem on my end too. Odd.