Serious security options?

Hi everyone,

I would like to know exactly what security features does the router have.

I’m particularly interested in enterprise-type features like :

  • layer 7 traffic inspection
  • IPS / antivirus
  • AD user authentication, object based-rules (If I was rich enough to get a checkpoint appliance home, I would have one :wink: )
  • Captive portal

I suppose VLan and guest network are supported out of the box.

Those are basically the function that I miss on my Netgear R7000 at the moment, and the reason why I still use a Cisco 1812.
Does your router offer such capabilities ?

The goal for me is to replace the Cisco 1812 that is getting seriously outdated by something easier to administrate. Also I’m not satisfied with the range of the wifi on my R7000, but I guess it would be hard to compare those so…

Can you help me in making a good purchase decision ? :wink:

Přeji vám pěkný den od Prahy,

I think layer 7 packet inspection and an IPS would be amazing, however I doubt if it will be setup out of the box. I’m pretty sure that something could be rigged together with some packages which are available on opkg.

Have a look at Cujo. I’ve contacted support and they don’t yet support IPv6, but it might be a good option to pair this with a Turris Omnia…

I think enterprise level features are possible, but there might be issues on a high-speed fibre connection as there are only 2 cores in the device and lots of tasks to perform.

I wouldn’t get a Cujo btw, Nobody wants to send their metadata to a private US company for analysis… Just get another box, configure it as a transparent firewall and install Suricata on it.

I don’t see the need to get one of these Cujos when you have the Turris. The services that will be built around the Turris have a similar goal but are much more transparent. Judging their website the Cujo aims at people without much IT knowledge but with a lot of diffuse fears who “want to be protected”. The Turris aims at nerds who are interested in the inner workings of their router.

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