Sending of firewall logs - Broken + Overnight Updates & Strange Wifi Things / Unsaved Changes

Well its been about a Week since I received my Nice New Turris Omnia 2Gbps in Black.
Its been a testing time; there have been Tears, lots of long Late Nights lots of study on OpenWRT, trawling of the interweb, resetting back to the Factory defaults at least on 4 occasions, but Thankfully i am starting to get it working how I want. Persistence Pays Off, as the saying goes :wink:

I opt for the Cz.nic Data Collection as I find the collected information very useful each morning, especially as I am extremely security conscious about my network

My Latest Challenge is however a message that’s appeared in the “About Panel” reporting the “Sending of firewall logs - Broken”?? While I started typing this it appears to have resolved itself, but I have seen a number of anomalies I need to investigate.

One of these is that I keep noticing that there are “Unsaved Changes” in the LuCi Status Bar on a number of occasions; the only problem is, I didn’t make a Change (to my knowledge) Unusually on each occasion it involved one of the two Wifi Network I am running, which has made me deeply suspicious that possibly someone has got into the OpenWrt OS and has been attempting to to change something??

Could this be part of any pushed out fixes run through the night?
Is anyone else seeing any strange behaviors since they received their Turris Omnia?

I actually like the Box and am looking forward to seeing future updates released via Cz.nic; one minor grumble that has caused me Many Hours of time is that there are none of the promised instructions guides offered as part of the IGG Campaign?