Secondary WIFI stopped working

I can no longer use the 2.5Ghz wifi adapter… the clients say “No internet”. I cannot even connect to the interface to configure it through that link. I did a factory reset, same symptoms. Any ideas?

You have a problem and you have not checked anything? Tell me what!

Simple query = simple answer

Check wifi config, interface and …

  • in ethernet LAN: ping to DNS, gateway anf ping some internet IP

Do you have only 2,4 Mhz wifi or 5Mhz wifi too ?


I would hope you realize I tried everything I know how to. Yes, 5Ghz is working. How would I not have that contrast to say 2Ghz wasn’t? We lost power today, and it started happening after power was restored. I am wondering if the wifi card is fried. It got o the point where it would not even load the settings page in Luci. I do have some mini-pci Intel cards laying around, should these work with the Omnia?

You have not provided any useful information like relavant parts of the logs, dmesg, lspci and net configuration.
It’s impossible to give you some advice this way.

I doubt that card got damaged by the power outage. Usually when one of the cards won’t start a restart if the router solves this.

I have no idea what logs are relevant to you. Maybe offer an easy way to collect the pertinent data? As an FYI, I turned off the 2Ghz radio and added an external AP. It is working flawlessly. No dropouts, nothing. Whatever is wrong is with the Atheros card. The interface won’t even display properly in luci.


please can you tell us in which miniPCIe slot do you have plugged 2.4 GHz miniPCIe card?

There is an easy way, because we have manual, how to send email to our support with logs, which we need. Please send us all diagnostics to our email (don’t post them here), which you can generate in Foris.

About Intel miniPCIe cards it depends on type, which you have.
Here you can find if your WiFi card is supported in Linux.

Sure I can do that… Note I have not taken the cover off or moved the boards, so it should be where is was installed in the factory. I will read over the instructions and send the data soon.


I still haven’t had time to deal with this unfortunately. I just leave the 2.4Ghz disabled. Now my 5G is starting to act up too. It will disappear and require a reboot, and hitting the edit button for settings in Luci goes no where, it just spins.

I just emailed the logs requested.