Searching Turris Dongle Jablotron

Hi I am searching the Turris dongle for Jablotron.
Does anybody sell it ?

Thanks and regards

What about buying it in eshop

That is Hardwario not Jablotron. Unfortunately I am not aware of anyone selling Turris dongle for Jablotron.

There is no official way to purchase. Try contact owners via forum instead. Few years ago, I bought two sets thus.

I haven´t noticed any Turris support for specifically Jablotron. Hardwario started as a part of Jablotron if I remember well.

BigClown was Jablotron spin-off. Hardwario not. Anyway, my answer above is valid.

Hi @Mrex @PiTRiS @wladik and whole turris community.
There is an auction on aukro portal
Somebody is selling Turris Gadgets right now (2020-09-02T22:00:00Z).

All the best,

Very good price for those interested.

Thank you for pinging me, this auction is already on my watchlist :slight_smile:

I set up Aukro notifications for this long time ago, so I was really surprised seeing this notification in my inbox today. And it seems there will be little fight over it as more of us seem to be interested :wink:

Thanks for letting me know, but it’s already not on my list, as flat came with half the set and I’m using zigbee and smartthings for the rest :slight_smile: good luck to anyone else bidding on it

I am thinking about sell of my Turris Gadgets set…

@Masteramp do you want to sell the dongle?