Searching 2GB Turris Omnia Board only

Hello Guys,

where can i buy a Turris Omnia 2GB board only (without Box, WLAN and PS)
I want to build my own Access Point with POE on this base.

thanks a lot

I’m afraid you can’t buy board only. This options had been offered only via Indiegogo and is not offered by retail stores. In retail stores you can buy Non-WiFi/WiFi (1 GB)/WiFi (2GB).

I´m know what the retail stores offer :wink: That´s why i´m asking for an solution to buy direct.

It is not possible to buy board alone. CZ.NIC is not retail seller. I’m afraid your options are buying board/router from someone else or buying Non WiFi router from retail store.

You´re answer is useless :wink: waiting for better options…

you’re not going to get better options. turris doesn’t sell the board alone.

Useless again :wink: it was in the project founding so there is no reasen why not! Also i dont care if it is a other Person

shrug. your posting here is pointless, but carry on.