Seamless extension of WiFi/WLan range

Hello all,

I want to increase the WiFi coverage of my TO. All should work seamlessly, i.e. moving between the area covered by the Omnia and the extended zone should lead to no (apparent) reconnection of the moving device. Especially Android devices seem to cling to APs as long as possible, even though communication already broke down.

Form what I understand (I’m not really sure about this) this would require some kind of management entity handling the hand-over from one zone to the other.

  1. Is it possible to achieve my goal using the Omnia WiFi?
  2. If so, what additional hardware do you suggest?
  3. What would I need on the software side?

I know I could boost the hardware by changing the setup as explained in [1] or a WiFi range extender. I also know I could buy OTS WiFi-Mesh devices and controllers (UniFy, …). But since the TO does its job perfectly, I would rather use it.

Thank you for your suggestions!

[1] High-performance configuration (update)