Screws are missing


Hello! I was installing a mSATA drive and hit a wall. The mounting screws are missing from the mounts. I saw that some people ran into a problem of having these particular rolling around in their new Omnia. I’m assuming that this is the reason why I didn’t get any with my router. (Purchased 3 months ago)
I believe the size is a M2X2.5.
Has anyone else ran into this problem?


I’ve seen such cases reported, but I can’t see how that would help you.


I’m just wondering if anyone else has the same problem. I just don’t have enough screws to mount the drive correctly…the screw that’s under the board is there but not the 2 screws to hold down the drive.

// EDIT: Does anyone know the actual size? I measured it and I’m getting 2.5mm by 3.0mm…



I’m so sorry to hear that.

The dimensions of missing screws are:
thread M2,5
length 3mm

Next week, I’ll check it to see, why the screws weren’t included in your unit.


Cool, thanks! I’m going crazy trying to find them. :slight_smile:


I got the screws. Thanks! :slight_smile: