Schnapps Export Error

I’m trying to export a snapshot using the schnapps export feature but it fails with the below error.
Can anyone help me make this work please?



The log indicates that this functionality needs the tar package instead of the default busybox-provided tar command.

Thanks for the info.
Any idea how I might resolve that issue?

Found it, just needed to update my packages list.

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And that has resolved the issue.
Many Thanks.

Is it possible to find why my schnapps export fails? It always create file ~150MB and then says “Snapshot export failed!” without any reason why …
is there any other option in that command? or do I use it wrongly?

schnapps export 217 /tmp/run/mountd/sde1/Extend/schnapps/

schnapps export fails

Snapshot export failed!

is there any other way how to back-up whole omnia system/settings to external drive and then use it as a medkit for restoring system (or move it to SSD) ?

Since the schnapps export inexplicably fails any (medkit) clone of the current installation bears the potential risk of reproducing the same issue with the clone.

Nonetheless, and since only schnapps cobbles a medkit package, you could either try to manually tar package everything on the /dev/mmcblk0p1 and copy/unpack that to another partition.

Or use low-level dd to make a clone of the current installation for running off a USB drive (or interior mSATA), steps are mentioned here