Scheduled reboot after update does not work

Hello Community,

My omnia with TOS 5.1.3, now 5.1.4 reboots suddenly during the day if it had an update. Reforis tells me, that it should delay for 3 days and reboot at 3:30AM. The last two times it rebooted at around 10AM. Are there any issues known with the scheduled reboot after an update?

Here is my configuration:
root@turris:/etc/config# cat user_notify
config smtp ‘smtp’
option enable ‘0’
option use_turris_smtp ‘1’
option sender_name ‘turris’

config notifications 'notifications'
        option severity '1'
        option news '1'

config reboot 'reboot'
        option time '03:30'
        option delay '3'

Thanks for helping