Scheduled and actual netmetr startup times

Not that I’m too bothered, but NetMetr doesn’t keep an eye on the test run times at full hour. Runs tests 2-29 minutes after the set time. Does it insert a certain randomised time so that the server is not overloaded?

I am not sure but I can confirm you I am observing same behavior.

It is really doing that and it is really to balance load on servers. We had huge problems with it recently because of Turris routers, so it is even going to be extend to full one hour.

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Makes a lot of sense. Maybe the text in ReForis’ netmtr module can be adjusted so the apprimate-ness of the requested test times becomes easy to understand?

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Nice speed but long ping. Which kind of connection you have?

FTTH (1Gbps/500Mbps). I guess the ping is because of the netmetr server location. I get shorter ping on other Internet speedtests.


Probably, as a rule of thumb, 1ms RTT in fiber corresponds roughly to 100km distance between the endpoints. And network paths are rarely along the shortest physical route between two far away places, so path length to server should effortlessly explain most of that delay…