Scanning problems with a HP Deskjet F370 Multifuctional Printer


I’ve just installed my HP printer using this and it works … printing but not for scanning :frowning:

This printer was connected previously to a Sitecom modem and it worked fine :frowning:

Thank you in advance for your help

I believe it is a property. After all, the printer manual (which you certainly read before asking the query) shows see below.

The PC connected directly to the HP All-in-One acts as a printer host and supports all software features. The second computer, which is referred to as client, has access only to print functions. Other functions must be performed from the host computer or the HP All-in-One control panel.

Thank you but I have installed in my PC the control panel, etc… and (as I said previously) it’s working with the HP printer USB connected to my Sitecom modem-router (simillar or less powefull to the Turris MOX).

I don’t undertand the difference

Perhaps the Sane-HP package could help