Samba4 experience



To try samba 4, you have to do:

schnapps create "before samba experiments"
opkg update
opkg remove luci-i18n-samba-cs luci-i18n-samba-en luci-app-samba samba36-server samba36-client samba36-hotplug samba36-net
opkg install samba4-admin samba4-client samba4-libs samba4-server samba4-utils luci-app-samba4 luci-i18n-samba4-cs luci-i18n-samba4-en
/etc/init.d/samba4 enable

Use the i18n packages that belong to languages you have installed. It might happen that it is needed to run the first command several times.

Also, to prevent updater errors, create file /etc/updater/conf.d/disable-samba36.lua containing:

Uninstall("samba36-server", { priority = 60 })
Uninstall("samba36-client", { priority = 60 })
Uninstall("luci-app-samba", { priority = 60 })
Uninstall("luci-i18n-samba-en", { priority = 60 })
Uninstall("luci-i18n-samba-cs", { priority = 60 })

In my settings, CPU also throttles at ~100%, but with transfer speeds betwen 350 and 400 Mbps, I think that’s expected :slight_smile: The test was done by downloading from btrfs-formatted USB3 RAID drive connected to Omnia.

Does anybody have a tip for interesting non-default settings available with samba 4? I read about SMB direct, but haven’t figured out how do I enable it (if it’s not by default). Offloading some CPU work would probably allow for even higher speeds.

Turris OS 3.11.1 is out!
Turris OS 3.11 is out!
Turris OS 3.11 is out!

I have this with original samba, USB disk attached to omnia:

LAN connection.


Two things that are worth looking at with Samba 4:

  • Disable SMB1 and make sure the SMB version is using 3.11(client and server)
  • Enable jumbo frames as one of the main benefits of newer SMB version is less protocol overheads.

Around 50MB/s is quite reasonable on a single 1Gbit connection.



Rising MTU to 9000 for eth2 will disconnect everything (LAN/WiFi) and because I dont have console cable, I cant tell You why this happens.

from this post encourages me not to even touch those values :smiley:


schnapps? I wouldn’t be that scared to experiment…


Why is there no nmbd in the samba4-server package? How is NetBIOS supposed to work?