Running Sentinel with existing services

I have a few questions about running Sentinel when I run a number of my own services. I think I read in the documentation that Sentinel will not monitor those ports where there’s forwarding set.

Right now, I’m running a web server, mail server, ssh and some other random ports for games and the like. I’m curious to know if other folks do this as well as run Sentinel and what your experiences are.

Even if there aren’t honeypots on those ports will my Turris get access to the dynamic firewall portion? I’m mostly asking if anyone can tell me if I’m likely to get much benefit if I install Sentinel with this setup.

Thank you for any information or opinions you can offer on this.

I recommend reading the Sentinel documentation. It is as you describe. There are now active honeypots on ports 21, 22, 23, 25, 80 and 587. The moment you activate any custom service on just one of the listed ports, the redirect rule for the honeypot is deactivated.

You can see what is active in a given window at

In my case, the honeypot on port 587 is not active, because I think I occupied that port with the SMTP protocol of the email application. Only this port is Closed, the others are Open.

If you want to keep a working honeypot e.g. on port 22, you must set the forward port e.g. from e.g. port 2022 to port 22 and adequately configure the application that requires communication on port 22