Routing a VLAN through a VPN

Hi all.
I created multiple Wifi VLANs are per the documentation.
Now I want to automatically route everything that comes through one of this wifi Vlan to a specific VPN.

I can’t find a full documentation about how to do so ?

Thats not that easy as you might think. Long topic but should answer your question:

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You likely need to create a bridge between the wifi interface and the vpn interface or something like that. I don’t think you can use VLANs like that.

I’d say this is very advanced and specific use case - this is why there’s no documentation.

Apparently I need to install an OpenWRT package ?
If you mention it I guess it means that this package is also in TurrisOS ?

I wasn’t able to find a how-to in the thread you mention nor in the archive your link sends to; is there one somewhere ?
Apparently I’m supposed to write a set of policies (one per VPN I guess ? or one per VLAN ?) but there’s no explanation of where nor how (that I was able to find).

You need a package for the VPN, but the VLAN setup itself shouldn’t need any packages.