Router is unstable

For the last couple of weeks it’s has been highly unstable. My solution has been to restart it by unplugging the power. I don’t have time to tweak the router in every possible way, so please do not suggest anything fancy.

Not very satisfying. What is the problem with the router?

No, I don’t want to open Putty or whatever to look at all different kind of log files or whatever. Just fix the damn problem.

Do I regret buying that router? What do you think?

Do not expect that anybody in this forum has magic skills to magically fix your router. Either be willing to fix your router by yourself with some help or get some commercial 3rd Party IT Support. What exactly do you expect?

If you provide some useful information (see link) and ask a proper question I am sure that you will get some help from some nice guys here…

EDIT: Or contact Turris Support (Again see link) if you have warranty, but I am sure they need some basic info, too…


Well if you are not willing to use putty and inspect /var/log/messages and other logs then you are a probably hopeless case, sorry to say that but from linux experience that’s the only way to fix it.

I don’t expect anything. It’s clearly a buggy router hyped without truly delivering the promises.

Do you have time to mess around with the router software packages? I don’t. For me the router is just an instrument to the internet. Nothing else and it should just work out of the box. I have serious work to do.

If you think it’s faulty, and it’s in warranty you should probably return it.

Well, you need to provide information, otherwise you will not get any help - period. What device are you even talking about? To tell us this, you don’t even need SSH… Anyways - both Turris Omnia and MOX have been clearly advertised as products for enthusiasts, not for beginners.
If you are a beginner in linux and unwilling to take the time and learn the essentials, then why did you buy the device?
Just go for one of the normal consumer devices and be happy.

Ps: just as a side note - those normal consumer devices may have serious security issues that will never get a fix (the older they are, the more probable). But they do for sure work (at least most of the time and at least most of the devices).

Pps: if you have such serious work to do, why do you write in a user-help-users forum and don’t write an email approaching the support directly?