Router functions?


I don’t own any Shild hardware yet, so I have a question. Is it possible to use the device for primitive router functions?

User registration/administration with the provider behind an ONT (fibre optic modem)?

Since it seems that openWRT is the basis for the software, is it possible to install a SIP server to manage the provider’s telephone number?
So that the end devices do not communicate directly with the provider.

Basically, the device should replace my previous router if possible.

Greetings Felix

My private opinion is that Turris Mox is more appropriate, Shield is very single purpose and has a completely different purpose than serving as a basic router. It is an add-on to an existing router.

Study the documentation (manual) of both devices, the decision is up to you


shield basically a non-expandable mox, without wi-fi.

mox can be extended with D module to have SFP, so hypotetically you have ONT built in.

…and, both can run nearly the same software (some MOX variants have 1G of RAM while shield has 512M)

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Thank you for your answers.

The solution sounds very good, are there compatible SFP modules on GPON connections of the “Deutsche Telekom”?
Or are there any restrictions on the SFP modules that can be used?

I don’t need other functions such as W-Lan at this position, but the possibility is always an advantage.

I will have a closer look at the manual,


Greetings Felix

Search the forum Search results for 'sfp modul' - Turris forum

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Not 100% sure about the omnia’s SFP cage but see:

One thing to keep in mind though is that SFP-modules while nifty and attractively small are not (yet?) as generically compatible as PCI/PCIe NICs are…
And on a true Telekom GPON-Link the nominal 1000/200 plan is actually provisioned such that one can achieve > 1000 Mbps goodput (as compared to the 950-940 goodput achievable via gigabit ethernet) if you want to profit from that you will need to take special care to get an SFP that in your SFP cage can be operated in 2.5 Gbps mode. (It seems considerably simpler to get Telekoms Glasfasermodem2 ONT, that offers a 2.5 Gbps copper ethernet port that is much easier to use from an omnia, e.g. using to get 2.5 Gbps ethernet into the omnia). Since the omnia’s switch is connected via 1Gbps ethernet no single LAN client will be able to achieve more than 940-950 Mbps, but multiple concurrent clients (using different CPU ports and/or WiFi) in aggregate might.