Router administration web-interface unavailable after update

After applying all requested updates (and restarting Turris Omnia as suggested), the router’s administration web-interface cannot be reached anymore.

I am not particularly tech-savvy in regards to TurrisOS or the Turris Omnia router hardware; all’ I can say is that the ‘error’/behaviour can currently easily and reliably be reproduced (by resetting Turris Omnia to factory defaults and applying all updates during the following initial setup - after restarting the device, the both config interfaces, basic and andvanced, are ‘gone’.

Any suggestions to resolve that issue are highly appreciated.

Can you use search next time?

In fact, I already did before opening this topic and writing my post, but it seems that I must have missed the forum posts you mentioned (might be also partially because the mentioned posts in question would be easier to find if they were correctly categorised in ‘SW bug discussion’ instead of ‘SW help’, as they obviously cover not a question of how-to operate working software rather than an error in the software itself) - however, thanks for pointing me into a helpful direction. Best regards :slight_smile:

I’m not a Linux/OpenWrt/TO expert and thus (as usually)

  • If it seems to me the issue is a bug I report it as a bug
  • In case of doubts I ask for help – I might have messed the box up in the past which unveiled itself during subsequent operation/upgrade.
    And I’m definitelu imperfect in these assessments. Others (such as the original author) may feel the same.

If it is a confirmed bug I guess we all would be happy if moderators/admins move the thread to a more appropriate category, and especially if a competent person files a bug report ticket to the team responsible for this particular issue.

OTOH, the basic search works across the whole forum; it’s “only” a matter of scanning the results more thoroughly. I painfully know very well how frustrating is time passing while reading one useless/unrelated topic after another and repeatedly changing or tuning the search phrase to no avail.

I hope my investigation helped you in the end.

Have a nice time, :slight_smile:


No offense, but I find the software here to be high on flashy but low on actual functionality. Search and filtering being 2 of my biggest criticisms. Searching for a couple of keywords seems to get me lots of bad hits, and the inability to filter out non-English posts leaves me with hits that I can’t read. But hey, we have a pop-up reply boxes, badges and “Popular Links” stats.

I know Turris is working on the software, I hope it improves over time.