Root account change


is there a way how to change root user name?


You want to change root to something else? That wouldn’t be a good thing to try and do, you need the root account in the Linux environment. You can add user accounts, though they won’t have access to modify anything. OpenWRT isn’t meant to be a general purpose Linux distro with normal user accounts, so to keep things small, it’s just root.

Well, generally on asus routers, first thing i am doing, i change the admin user name and password. But somehow on omnia, i can change password in luci, but i cant change the admin user name itself from “root” to something else. Thats my goal.

No, unfortunately that’s not how OpenWRT works. You need to use the user “root” for administration. You can change the password and you can prevent logins from the WAN side of things, but you can’t change the admin user name.

It would be a bad idea to change the username of root to something else.

What you can do is add another user with ID=0 and probably change the password to be null. Of course that will change how the GUI works, but it might work.

I’m not sure it’s a good idea, mind you, but you can do it.