Roaming between APs strange behaviour

I’m experiencing strange behavior when roaming between APs with openwrt or not(meraki AP) and my turris omnia router. By roaming I mean moving from one AP to another - it happens also when I disconnect and connect manually to the omnia router.
When I connect to the omnia router I have to wait more than 3minutes to have any connection - the only ip is working is the router ip. Everything else is not reachable. After 3 mins I’m allowed to access network without any issues, internet works.

I have DHCP disabled for both IPv4 and v6. When I connect to the omnia within the same network - the same ip address is assigned to me(DHCP server is OK), but I’m blocked until some timer expires.

I have two SSIDs - EAP Enterprise and WPA2 PSK and both are behave the same.

I have another openwrt linksys router and moving between APs is working fine, with identical settings.

Any ideas are appreciated.

Could be related to this: Turris OS 3.11.23 -> OS 5 - recommended to wait due to issues?

It’s not the same. APs are connected to the different switches/another floor.

I‘d still try to connect them to the switches via WAN Port as described there. Problem seems to be inside Omnias internal switch (or „between it and kernel“)…

Thank you. I will try it and let you know.

It’s working!
Moved cable and config from LAN segment to WAN port and It’s working. THANK YOU>

My next goal is to set fast roaming, but with 802.1X enabled not PSK. Is it possible?


I don’t know, sorry…

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