RIPE Atlas SW Probe leaves testing phase

Dear Turris users,

In earlier versions of Turris OS 3.x and Turris OS 4.x, there was mention in the changelog new packages related to RIPE Atlas Software Probe during that time it was in the testing phase and each probe needs to be approved by RIPE. But the testing period is over and there is the official release. This means that everyone, who has Turris routers, Debian, CentOS needs to have an account on RIPE website to register his/her probe.

If you are interested in more details, where you can find source code, installation details for Debian/CentOS take a look here.

What is RIPE Atlas?

It’s an open and global platform, which measures Internet connectivity and reachability in real-time.

How I can install it on Turris router?

If you have any Turris routers with the latest versions of Turris OS, you need to install package atlas-sw-probe.

Where can I register probe?

Proceed with the details, which are described in the article, which was updated in our community documentation.

If you are logged on RIPE website and generated public key, which you need to use for probe registration, which you can do here.

  • If you don’t know AS number, just fill your IP address in the search bar and take a look at origin:.


In my case, I need to copy AS6830 and fill it to the form with the rest details.

If you agree with RIPE Atlas Service Terms and Conditions, check it and click on Submit your application.

In a while, if everything goes well, you should receive two e-mails with subjects:

  • Thank you for applying for a RIPE Atlas software probe
  • Your new RIPE Atlas software probe is created

In the last mention e-mail, you will receive the ID of your probe and URL, where you can see details about your probe and manage it.

If you have any questions about it, don’t hesitate to ask.


What would you like to tell us with that PR? I would like to apologize, but I can not see issue nor question. There are some people, which has running Atlas SW Probe on their routers including me on Turris OS 3.x/4.x version and even 5.x. :wink:

Yes, we would like to update it, but it is wrong? It seems like it from your post. It runs just fine, currently.

I thought it’l be advantageous to use this feature to enhance internet use/access statistics ;-( for my TO router has nearly nothing to do :wink: Even though it was’nt walk through rose garden I managed to install sw, create RIPE account and made it run… there are still some info which I was’nt able to set (e.g. MAC adddress) but it seems to work… Maybe it could be useful in some way :wink:

I can confirm that the MAC address is shown as N/A for now. This is currently not implemented with Turris routers integration and I will take a look.

Regarding probe’s MAC and Network settings, you need to consider the probe as a piece of software, not virtual like virtual machine or container, therefore it uses all settings/addresses of the router itself, hence we will not be able to change its MAC or IP via RIPE Atlas web interface. It is the same when it runs on CentOS machine.
It works like when you run a ping or traceroute command, you cannot trace from an address that is not physically present on the device itself.
Maybe one day RIPE will implement availability of some kind of fake MAC and IPs…

Thanks, I should think about this reason by myself…

I had to uninstall it because it was waking up my HDDs in Omnia.