RF Noise - Router and Power Supply

There’s a few routers out there that produce significant RF noise in the US Amateur Radio bands, either from the box itself or the wall power plugin. For example, my current router is giving me problems all over the 2M band (around 144Mhz) while others on the internet have had issues in the HF frequencies 1-30Mhz.

Has RFI been taken into account and/or measured on this router?


The router passed through the CE marking (http://ec.europa.eu/growth/single-market/ce-marking/index_en.htm), which includes the tests of RF noise. The power supply has its own certificate, so the target of the measurement has been Turris Omnia and the cable between Omnia and the power supply.
The testing has been done at EZÚ (http://ezu.cz/en/products/declaration-of-conformity-ce/).

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