Restart service after successfull DDNS update

Hi there,
fiddled around a bit but did not succeed, and maybe one of you has a clue for me.
Background: I have to restart the OpenVPN service after change of the external IP as
it binds directly to this interface/IP because of an already used port internally (443).
So the easiest way would be to restart the service after a successfull DDNS update.


I can’t give you the answer you requested, but I may be able to suggest the Port Sharing feature of OpenVPN as a simple work around?

For the OpenVPN-over-HTTPS/SSL tunnel

uci set      openvpn.vpn2.proto=tcp
uci set      openvpn.vpn2.port_share="localhost 8443"
uci set      openvpn.vpn2.port=443

That way you can bind OpenVPN to

Of course, the webserver (or whatever it is) would now need to be listening on 8443 rather than 443.

uci set’s does not work, but this is not the solution that will work for me.