Reset USB controller

Using samba I’ve shared a USB storage with Frigate NVR. Frigate is mostly busy recording events on the shared storage.
For reasons beyond my understanding the USB controller throws some errors and the USB storage is no longer accessible until I reboot the router. Rebooting the router I don’t find it an elegant solution.
Is there someone willing to share a script to reset the USB controller without rebooting the router?
Can the USB controller issue be fixed?

Thank you.

Maybe it will help you. Restarting USB? - Installing and Using OpenWrt - OpenWrt Forum

Omnia can cut power for the USB port on request. To do that, you need to use the latest experimental MCU firmware, Turris OS 6.5.0, and install omnia-mcutool following this guide: MCU - Turris Documentation .


Is this option any different than reboot? Can I use mcutool just for USB?
My request is to target the USB controller and not affecting other router processes.

Yes, it just cuts power to the USB device. It won’t reboot the USB controller in Omnia, though. But usually cutting power to the device and reconnecting it helps. And that’s what you can do with the mcutool.

I use the usbreset command to restart my LTE modem, have you tried it on your storage device?

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I’ll give it a try the next time such event happens.

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