Reset u-boot environment for Turris MOX

I upgraded the secure-firmware (/dev/mtd0) and a53-firmware (/dev/mtd1) partitions from ancient release versions of Turris MOX, and now need to reset the u-boot environment to default values instead of the currently stored ones.

How do I reset u-boot environment to defaults in Turris MOX? I assume they are the ones stored in the u-boot-env (/dev/mtd2) partition but it might be somewhere else too.


I ran the commands:

fw_setenv bootcmd 'env default -f -a; saveenv; reset'

and after reboot the u-boot-env (/dev/mtd2) partition had newly generated values that I assume are the correct ones.

I would still like confirmation from someone that this is the correct way of resetting the values to default on the Turris MOX.