Request: OpenVPN config compatible with Google Chrome OS

I think it would be really nice if users could easily create OpenVPN config files (keys) compatible with Google Chrome OS OpenVPN client / GUI using Foris.

At the moment it’s a bit of a hassle if I want to set it up for a couple of people × sites (think being THE IT guy for your extended family. :smiley:)

The Chrome OS client needs:

  • The CA certificate in a separate file (currently it’s included in the .ovpn config),
  • The client certificate in the PKCS 12 (.p12) format (currently you need to dissect the .ovpn config, save all keys/certificates in individual files and use openssl to convert the cert to the correct format),
  • PAM support in addition to the client certs (login/password - what if I enter some fake values in the client? Would that work if the server does not request/check them anyway?)
  • (Optionally) disable the LZO compression as it seems unsupported by Chrome OS out of the box.

The resulting files could be downloaded in a zip archive and/or individually.

Sources / guides:

(Although in the long run, I hope both Turris Omnia & Chrome OS will have a first-class support for WireGuard. :slight_smile: )