Replacing Huawei HG8245H from the provider with Turris omnia 2020

Please help!
I’m new to this forum and don’t know where to ask my question. I’m sorry if I posted the message incorrectly or in the wrong place.

I want to replace Huawei HG8245H provider router
Now it is used as a bridge and just takes up extra space and wastes energy.
Huawei HG8245H is connected to a provider using GPON technology, a landline is connected to Huawei
I want to remove Huawei and put Turris omnia 2020 as my network master.
I have several questions:

  1. Is it possible to configure Turris omnia 2020 to receive internet from an ISP via an SFP port using GPON technology?
  2. Is it possible to configure Turris omnia 2020 to connect a landline telephone using SIP technology?

Are there any instructions for setting up these functions? Where can you read about it?

Thanks in advance for your reply!
Regards, Mikhail

No, as the Turris Omnia does not have the FXS port.

Turris Omnia does have a support for a few SFP GPON modules, but the ISP has the final say on whether or not they allow you to connect your own device directly to their GPON infrastructure.
You can ask if they can provide you a GPON stick.

Thanks for the answer!

Yes, I know Turris omnia does not have an FXS (rj11) port. There are many IP phones that have an rj45 port and support SIP technology. Can such devices be configured for the correct operation of a landline phone?

Corresponding SFP module Huawei SmartAX MA5671A is not working with Turris Omnia and Turris OS 5 due the lack of drivers in kernel. TOS 6 related tests with new SPF patches needed. Otherwise, welcome to the club!

Bad news((
Many people use DFP-34G-2C2. But this is a model of an unknown manufacturer (((. As I understand it, the ZTE module
They discuss it here GPON module Dfp-34g-2c2 sfp - For Developers - OpenWrt Forum,
here its data USource DFP-34G-2C2 - WikiDevi.Wi-Cat.RU
, but I still don’t understand the case for the Openwrt driver for it or not))))

I know answer only for question 1. The answer is, probably no.

It really depends where you are from. For example, in Slovakia any of big internet providers will allow you to use Omnia without their converter. I have the same Huawei as you from Orange Slovakia and this provider has its own serial number whitelist of converters. Even the same brand and type of converter, bought right from the manufacturer, will not work if it is not on their whitelist.
This info gave me their technician (my neightbour).

You can try already HBL/HBD branch, if it works. :wink:

This one works, if you do have ZTE chip according to community list of supported SFP modules. Take a look here:

Thanks for the tip! DFP-34G-2C2 supported. The only problem, as many write, is that this module gets very hot.

This is a common problem of all SFP modules that contain a small computer inside (like GPON modules and xDSL modules)

One of the reasons why the DFP-34G-2C2 has information on how to change the password and serial number on this module.

The question remains about using a SIp phone.
If it is possible to set up a separate vlan, install the necessary packages to connect a landline phone, this is interesting for Turris omnia.
If you need to install an additional block for a landline phone, then the idea loses its meaning.
Purchasing and configuring Turris omnia+SFP module+Block for phone+phone entails high costs, while leaving the same “extra” unit for the phone as now Huawei HG8245H

I had never encountered SFP and didn’t know about it.
Turris omnia ready for high temperatures from the SFP module (70-80 degrees)? Doesn’t it start to work wrong?

Definitely yes.

I do not understand this, as this is the case for the SIP phone. So you just need to configure your SIP phone with credentials supplied by your provider.

What do you mean by an additional block for a landline phone?
Can you more elaborate the meaning of landline phone? Is it a SIP phone, or a device for POTS?

Yes, TO is able to handle this.

Unfortunately, I don’t understand SIP technology myself.
Now to Huawei HG8245H, through the RJ-11 connector, a regular city landline phone is connected.

If you look at the Huawei HG8245H settings, then the router is configured with an internal provider network like 10.10.10.X, through which all voice data goes. The password for the voice account, I think you can pull it out of the HG8245H (I think the provider will not give me this data).
Apparently I need to talk to a SIP specialist at my job. Damn quarantine, until the end of next week, I can not leave the house (

Okay, as I have stated before, the Omnia does not have the FXS ports (ports you use to connect the landline phone) so there is no possibility to connect your old RJ-11 phone. You need to get a SIP gateway if you want to use such phones.

Definitely yes, and you don’t need to install anything on TO. It is just a matter of the SIP phone itself.

A little bit out of topic but

and I would like to know if someone is able to use one of working GPON SFPs ( DFP-34G-2C2 or Technicolor AFM0002) and use it with Orange SK.
I am asking because I was told (ordering new service internet only) that I can use my own device that is no problem and if this is true I would like to.

Ask the provider. Ask for clarification of I can use my own device.
Sometimes it means

you can put whatever device you want but you need to use our GPON device to convert fiber to copper

and sometimes the meaning is

we will register your own GPON device/SFP stick in our network

So, ask Orange SK.

Thank you for your replay and Yes I did. My Q was if I can use only my own device - do not want their Huawei and the lady told me yes, but I am afraid when technician will come situation gonna be completely different. So I am asking if anyone is using TO as only device with GPON (Orange SK).

Good luck. I am waiting for my ISP to configure GPON Stick they adviced me to buy and hopefully replace their media converter. It really depends alot on good will of your ISP. If they dont allow it you could still sniff the traffic using their media converter to find out correct settings and configure it yourself with correct GPON Stick. I know that Orange PL gives something like fine for disturbing the network and its stated in contract.

To be honest, I don’t think this will work, if you need the connection to work and be stable, just use their HW and put it into bridge mode.

I was with on Orange fiber, back when they still used Siemens fiber converters, and that thing was rock solid. You can still buy one of those for like 5€ second hand, if you don’t need more than 100 Mbps download.

Using a gpon SFP adapter might not be stable, might not even work at all, let alone be stable enough to use in production.