Replace fragile interal antennas

After I got an desaster bricking my e extension by an loosen antenna cable which free floats in the extension and made some short cuts wich ends by bricking them I want to replace the internal antennas by rpsma pigtails so I can use antennas direct on them or some others for improve quality.
So I bought for the additional mpci-e wifi card a set of ufl to rp-sma pigtails and a set of 2,4+5 GHz antennas (Amazon AISN B09VPGF2WZ)
By the way connecting them to the board brings poor signal quality so Iā€™m no unsure that ufl was the wrong connector type?
My mpci-e wifi card is an which I got from the kickstart campaign which is shown as a Qualcomm Atheros QCA9880 802.11bgnac at LuCi WLAN page.
Maybe all the pigtails are broken or incompatible?

Than does anybody knows which type of connector the sidio wlan card does have? They are much smaller than these from the mpci-e card.

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