Remove ipv6 packages and disable

I don’t use ipv6.

I’m curious how I can keep removed packages like BCP38 and AHCP Server uninstalled, and prevent these packages from auto-reinstalling themselves in the future?

I’m new to the Omnia, is this a hardcoded thing with other packages, or does it occur because I have automatic updates enabled?

OpenWrt developers stopped considering “without IPv6” as a configuration they care about. So getting rid of IPv6 is not going to get easier at least for your local network. On the other hand “not using IPv6” at best is a temporary condition, sonner or later IPv6 will become inevitable. For the time being getting rid of IPv6 is possible but not recommended (let alone on a router with sufficient storage space like a turris omnia).

What is wrong with BCP38? After all the IETF explicitly recommends that (BCP expands to best current practice) sort of filtering, if all networks would do that spoofing addresses wuld be much harder.

@nano Take a look at:

Its all explained there. You could create user.lua in conf.d directory with something like:
Uninstall 'package name', priority = 60
so its highier than installer. But just figure out the syntax.

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That helps me understand, thank you!

Sorry I should have rephrased ‘I don’t use ipv6 currently’ but this was mostly for curiosity and cosmetic reasons.

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