Remote access on Turris OS 4.x


I’ve a MOX (with a lot of issues but that’s not the point) that I would like to monitor from my workplace.
I’ve looked up the «Remote access» and create a CA and a token but I’m not exactly sure of what I’m supposed to do with them.

I’ve converted the cert and the key into a P12/PFK file to import into Firefox but I can’t still connect.


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As it is written! this is a settings of router for specific android clients, turris. for classic full access it is preferable to run openvpn and access will the same as in the local network.

Are you referring to this Android app ?

It hasn’t been maintained in years (two actually)

No, not that one. You can try

to have your android phone connect to your omnia or mox

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OpenVPN for Android works well for me (on Android 6.0). I use it to connect to the local network via Turris Omnia.

Thanks. I’ll have a look

Late to the party but I would prefer WireGuard. WireGuard is superior when it comes security, speed and latency. Not to mention configuration is simplified too.