Refund of Turris Omnia possible via Indiegogo?

Sliiiightly off-topic, but:

  • Is it possible to refund an outstanding Omnia contribution via Indiegogo? And, if so;
  • Any requirements for refunding (ofc. not having received the goods is a good start :innocent:)?

I’m asking, not because I want a refund per se (I “love” the Omnia!), but I may have to re-order because of a VAT reclaim I was offered.

P.S. Do not get too excited reading this, the reclaim was not offered by Cz.nic, Indiegogo, or anyone related to either (so please do not start battering them with requests). I simply got an opportunity specifically at my end I’m afraid. :pensive:

I can confirm that as long as Indiegogo has not processed your payment yet (in the sense that they sent your money towards cz.nic) it is possible to simply refund.