reForis WiFi section unavailable, "error occurred while fetching data"


I am on a Turris Omnia from the original Indiegogo fundraiser. It has been offline for almost a year (I posted here back in January about intermittent Internet connectivity issues … and I took the router offline shortly after that).

I just reconnected the router, and it immediately required 880+ package updates … now running Turris OS 6.0.3, HBS branch.

I have it connected to a Fritz!Box (primary router/modem from the Vodaphone ISP here in Germany), and I am only looking to use the Omnia as a secondary WiFi provider … quite possibly, I am just setting this up wrong?

But Omnia seems to be working fine with cable (my laptop, cable-connected to Omnia LAN port, Omnia cable-connected from its WAN port to a Fritz!Box LAN port).

But opening the reForis → Network Settings → Wi-Fi configuration page, I only see the “Wi-Fi” header, and the top sentence “If you want to use your router as a Wi-Fi access point…”, and then I get an error message, “An error occurred while fetching data.”

And that’s it. I was getting that before the package updates, still getting it now after all updates have been applied, along with a couple of reboots and re-connects to the primary router.

I don’t actually know if this is software or hardware issue (or user issue), but I figured I would start here.

Thanks in advance.