reForis OVPN client UI should accept domain (FQDN) in addition to IP

[reForis version 0.9.5]

The OVPN client UI hidden under the checkbox “Override server address” only accepts an IPv4 address. It should be modified to also accept a FQDN (fully qialified domain name). I’m using dynamic DNS (luci-app-ddns) to keep my Turris VPN accessible across IP changes. The current UI forces me to manually edit the client configuration files.

The client configuration file allows to provide domain names in the following format

# The hostname/IP and port of the server.
# You can have multiple remote entries
# to load balance between the servers.
;remote my-server-1 1194
;remote my-server-2 1194
remote 111.222.333.444 1194

See also (which documents that domain names are resolved and re-resolved if needed.):


Thank you for your report. We are looking into it at


While turris team is working on it, anyone who needs this can easily enter their FQDN in the conf file manually.
That’s what I am doing. Quite handy if you don’t have a static IP.

While you are at it, reForis could also get the domain from an DynDNS configuration if it is set up :wink:

But its not that important to me as it can be easily edited manually.

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