Reforis OpenVPN

This is what I get uploading valid .ovpn file.

Now I have three UI management systems on my Omnia. LuCI, Foris, Reforis. Foris points to Reforis for OpenVPN config. That does not work.

What’s the point of Reforis when it does not work?
Did the Turris team consider just fixing or improving LuCI instead of rolling two systems that are currently partially functional?

(I tried really hard to maintain somewhat positive tone here because the experience is bad.)

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I got the same issue yesterday, when trying to upload a ProtonVPN file. I managed to set it up via LuCI though.


I just scanned over that repository. Most of that code doesn’t do anything useful, which is obvious from my previous post.

Tests and meta code are bigger than the actual code doing the heavy lifting. Did this pass any technical review at all?

I had the same problem - it concerns the amount of dots in the filename from ProtonVPN.